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We accept most vision insurance plans.  You might be surprised at what your insurance company will process when it comes to your eye health care. Our staff is knowledgeable in handling insurance claims and will get you the coverage you deserve.


With over 20 years in business and 35 years of experience, Dr. Moskowitz will always provide you with the professional eye care you need.

Have you ever seen your optometric physician due to an eye infection or other issue that involved the health of your eyes? Most likely, your medical insurance was billed and the claim was covered, no questions asked.


Dr. Richard Moskowitz O.D. is an optometric physician and can do the same thing for you. We see to it that your eye care service is billed justly.





-BlueCross / BlueShield



-And many more


Which insurances do we accept?

Anytime a procedure is performed, such as removing metal from the eye, or diagnosing and / or treating an eye infection, disease, etc., these come under the heading of medical procedures. They involve caring for the health of your eye, not vision correction.

What constitutes medical eye care services?

Most major insurances accepted